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"Bug Me Video" Presents Special Edition 2:
The Greatest VW Show On Earth
With this DVD the camera moves outside the garage and heads to California for the annual VW Classic Weekend. Things get off to a great start checking out some classic rides on Thursday night with the DKP club's cruise night. This is followed by the spectacular O.C.T.O. vintage bus show; the largest show of it's kind in the States! A tour of the massive VW Toy and Literature Show is next. Finally we check out the Berg Rally before taking the grand tour of the headlining VW Classic show on the Sunday. An unending number of stunning and sometimes famous VWs are shown as well some legendary builders and figures in the VW scene.

Besides the shows, some of the biggest shops in the VW world are toured including: EMPI, Kymco Motorsport, Gene Berg Enterprises, BFY Obsolete, West Coast Metric, and West Coast Classic Restoration. Besides the showrooms we get to speak with some of the owners and see shop floor tours. Particular highlights are the tour Clyde Berg gives of Gene Berg Enterprises where we view the tools and processes used to manufacture some of their high-end parts as well as the West Coast Metric museum.

Excerpt from Special Edition 2
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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