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If you like to be a hands-on VW enthusiast, but still consider yourself a beginner when it comes to mechanics and servicing, then you might want to have a look at this DVD series of Bug Me Videos available at www.vw-diy.com.

There are a total of 12 volumes in the series, each costing £15, which cover a step-by-step guide of everything from engine removal to heater channel replacement. Volume one covers the basic general maintenance.available at www.vw-diy.com.

These are really useful reference material for those with a bit more experience, but are really great for people new to air-cooled VWs.
- Volksworld, April 2007

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For the last couple of years instructional DVDs have been trickling into the classic car market place. A particularly good set has just arrived - aimed at anyone considering restoring or maintaining an air-cooled VW Beetle. From complete novices puzzling over oil changes to hardened spannerers stuck on an engine teardown, there's a DVD in the ten-volume series to suit. Differences between the Type I and Type-IV engines are explained, which opens up the set to Beetle, Bus, Ghia and Type III owners. Everything's at a learnable pace and we liked the regular inclusion of correct torque values and the emphasis on accuracy.
- Practical Classics, April 2007

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New Dubbing on DVD:  Tyneside web-based VW specialist www.vw-diy.com has become UK and European distributor for the 'Bug Me Video' range of DVDs, created to aid air-cooled Volkswagen owners with practical advice and demonstrations of maintenance and restoration techniques. There are 12 DVDs in the series, ranging from general running repairs to engine rebuilds and floorpan replacement, priced from £15-20 each. Visit the site to find out more or to place an order, or call 07758959387 for further details.
- Classic & Sports Cars, April 2007

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VW-DIY.com are pleased to announce they are now official stockists / distributors for the Bug Me DVD guides to repairing and maintaining an air cooled vehicle. Though most content is around the Beetle, much of it is still totally relevant to bus owners as things like the engine or bodywork repair tips are generic to both.

Each DVD has clear, thorough and easy to follow instructions (my only gripe is the American accent tends to grate after a while!) and they are pitched just right for both novice or experienced owner. There are 12 volumes in all: General Maintenance, Engine and Clutch Removal, Engine Strip Down and Rebuild, Brakes, Transmission, Bodywork, Wiring and Electrics, Type 4 engine conversion and coverage of OCTO Bus shows, VW Classic and DKP with tours of EMPI, BFY, Gene Berg and KYMCO. Most cost £15, but some of the longer running ones (eg Type 4 engine conversion) cost £20.

You can see sample excerpts from each of the DVDs for yourself on-line at www.VW-DIY.com and there are also great on-line offers for multiple purchases. Or ring Scott on 07758 959387 for more info or to order.
- Volkswagen Camper & Commercial, March 2007

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Owners of classic Volkswagens will find these region-free Bug Me Video DVDs extremely useful. In 12 volumes, all available separately, the DVDs explain routine VW maintenance, engine removal and clutch replacement, Beetle engine rebuild, brake maintenance, and transmission replacement. Other DVD subjects include Beetle floor replacement, Type-4 engine rebuilds, wiring, and electrical troubleshooting. The DVDs average between one and two hours and are full of good advice, well-filmed and should prove valuable to anyone needing more information. Though we can't help wondering how the presenter removing the engine and clutch managed to keep his white shirt so clean while working on a Beetle. See the website for more details.
- Classics Monthly, January 2007

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Not so much Watch With mother as watch with a good ol'boy, then have a go yourself! Carrying out your own servicing and repair work is the best way to save money and the only way you'll learn how your car works and how to fix it when it doesn't. The problem is getting started - even popping the distributor cap off can be a daunting prospect for the first-timer.

Sure, you could read a manual, but it's not the same as watching someone with a lifetime of experience, like Rick Higgins and family, doing it for real. And explaining each step in infinite detail.

These 12 DVDs show everything a virgin VW tinkerer needs to know, from the tools required and the simplest routine maintenance, like oil changes, timing and adjusting valves. Other discs tackle tracing faults, pulling a motor, completely rebuilding and engine and carrying out body repairs.

An invaluable guide for the novice and entertaining viewing for grizzled VW veterans, they're totally recommended. Buy the full set for £130, including p&p, for the aircooled anorak in your life now. Or there's currently free UK Christmas shipping and £5.00 off each extra DVD in the same shipment. But be quick!
- Classics Weekly, December 2006

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