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About Us

Scott and Sharon are the official European distributors of the "Bug Me Video" VW DVD series.

We had always wanted to own a VW camper van and finally bought one in 2002. Like most novice Volkswagen bus buyers we ended up with a van which was more of a project than we had expected. After pricing around at garages we quickly realised that we had to become handy at VW DIY if we were going to be able to afford to keep our camper van on the road! So within two years we had accumulated just about every VW book on the market dedicated to VW maintenance and repair, but unfortunately our lack of experience and technical know-how put us at a disadvantage deciphering the manuals and we found ourselves making very slow if steady progress.

2005 - Scott's First VW Bus Engine Removal

Then, early in 2005, we discovered the "Bug Me Video" VW DVD series mentioned on one of the VW internet forums. We bought Bug Me Video Volume One to try it out and after watching it, it was as though a light had been turned on! Finally the VW books we had been reading started to make sense and we had the confidence to attempt our own servicing. Later in the summer of 2005, our camper started to run like a dog. We were told that it sounded as though the clutch was going, so we bought Volume Two and again gave it a go ourselves. Once more, we were amazed at what we were suddenly confident enough to try! Engine out? Remove flywheel? Replace clutch? Us?!?! Well, we did it and our Volkswagen van ran like a dream!

We contacted Rick Higgins early in 2006 to let him know what a fantastic VW video series we thought he had. We mentioned how we were amazed that it took us two years to find it as we'd been buying up anything we could find that might help us with our VW van (Betsy to her friends). Rick expressed that he would like to get more exposure in the VW UK market and the seed was sown...

We are convinced that you will find this teach yourself series as informative and useful as we have. We now rely so heavily on the VW how-to DVDs that we actually installed a DVD player in the van so that we don't have to keep running inside to refresh ourselves while doing jobs! Hopefully you'll find them as addictive too!

2005 - Scott's First VW Engine Removal!
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