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Are the VW DVDs region free?
Yes! Every Volkswagen DVD in the series is region free so you will have no problem viewing them regardless of where you are.
Are the DIY VW DVDs only available in English?
Currently the VW Instructional DVDs are available only in English. We are considering adding subtitles to the VW videos in other languages if demand is strong enough. If you are interested in this please contact us as that's the only way we can assess demand!
Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes, we ship worldwide! Our normal shipping charges are as follows:

UK Europe Other
First DVD in order £1.25 £1.75 £2.50
Each DVD thereafter £.25 £.50 £.75
Postal Insurance* £5.70 £5 £5
*Note that all orders are insured by default up to £32
How can I tell if I have an official Bug Me Video DVD or a copy?
Our official VW DIY DVDs are the highest quality we could source and have the labels embossed/laminated onto the DVD itself. If your Bug Me Video DVD has a label or a sticker that you can peel off then the chances are that you have an illegal copy.
Are all the Volkswagen DIY DVDs useful to me as a VW bus owner?
While the do it yourself DVDs are focused on the VW Beetle, many of the topics covered apply to all air-cooled VWs such as the VW Bus, VW Ghia, or VW buggies. For example, if you are running a Type I engine Bug Me Video Volume 1 will suit you regardless of the vehicle it's in. That said, certain how-to DVDs are really only useful to VW beetle owners; particular volumes six and seven. While both these Type 1/ Beetle DVDs do cover general welding and bodywork concepts the material is strongly focused on VW bugs.
Why can't Americans speak proper English?!

In 1887 Oscar Wilde wrote: `We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language'. This can and certainly has caused a fair bit of confusion in the automotive industry! So for those UK English-speakers scratching their heads wondering what the heck Rick is talking about here are a few translations that should help out. Undoubtedly there are a a few we have missed so please forward any suggestions our way and we'll add them to the list below!

American British
Aluminum Aluminium
Antenna Aerial
Axleshaft Halfshaft
Back-Up Lights Reverse Lights
Barrel Choke/Venturi
Bushing Bush
Carburetor Carburettor
Cotter Pin Split Pin
Countershaft Layshaft of Gearbox
Denatured Alcohol Methylated Spirit
Dome Light Interior Light
Driveshaft Propeller or Prop Shaft
Firewall Bulkhead
Float Bowl Float chamber
Freeway, Highway, Turnpike, Etc Motorway
Gas Line Fuel Line
Gas Pedal Accelerator
Gas tank Petrol tank
Gasoline or Gas Petrol
Generator (DC) Dynamo
Ground (Electrical) Earth (Electrical)
Header Exhaust manifold
Heat Riser Hot spot
Heater Box Heat Exchanger
High Gear Top Gear
Hood Bonnet
Kerosene Paraffin
Latch Catch
Latches Locks
License Plate Number plate
Lock For Valve Spring Retainer Split Cotter For Valve Spring Cap
Lug Nut Wheel Nut
Metal Chips or Debris Swarf
Mineral Spirits White Spirits
Motor Engine
Muffler Silencer
Oil Pan Sump
Parking Light Sidelight
Parking Brake or Emergency Brake Handbrake
Piston Pin or Wrist Pin Gudgeon Pin
Pitman Arm Drop Arm
Primary Shoe Leading Shoe of Brake
Prussian Blue Engineer's Blue
Quarter Window Quarterlight
Recap Tire Remould or Retread Tyre
Rig Gear (of Differential) Crownwheel
Rocker Panel Sill Panel (Beneath Doors)
Rod Bearing Big-End Bearing
Rotor/Disk Disc (Brake)
Secondary Shoe Trailing Shoe (of Brakes)
Sedan Saloon
Setscrew or Allen Screw Grub Screw
Shock Absorber or Shock Damper
Snap-Ring Circlip
Soft Top Hood
Spark Plug Wires HT Leads or Spark Plug Leads
Spindle Arm Steering Arm
Stabiliser or Sway Bar Anti-Roll Bar
Station Wagon Estate Car
Stop Light Brake Light
Throw-Out Bearing Thrust Bearing
Tie-Rod or Connecting Rod Trackrod
Tire Tyre
Transmission Gearbox
Trunk Boot
Turn Signal or Blinker Indicator
Valve Cover Rocker Cover
Valve Lifter Tappet
Vise Vice
Whole Drive Line Transmission
Windshield Windscreen
Wrench Spanner
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