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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 10:
Electrical Troubleshooting

This volume focuses on common electrical issues and how to effectively troubleshoot them. Using the situation of the vehicle not starting the DVD logically progresses through steps to find the problem as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Battery maintenance and testing is discussed as well as detecting and sorting breaks in circuits. The starter, solenoid, and regulator are covered going over common faults and how to address them. The replacement of the various types of ignition switches is shown in detail.

Using a readily available kit that contains every component needed for the conversion of 6 volt vehicles to 12 volt Volume 10 steps us through all the necessary modifications. Changing generators is given special attention, showing in detail how to change from 6 volt to 12 volt as well as changing from a dynamo to an alternator.

The volume finishes with the foundations of working with electrical components. The differences in wire, terminals, and related tools and how to determine which to select for your job is discussed. Common electrical tasks such as stripping wire, crimping terminals, and making professional connections by soldering and using heat-shrinking sleeving is demonstrated. All this information is put to use in showing how to rig up some gauges including clustering up oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel, and voltmeter.

Excerpt from Volume 10
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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