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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 9:
Type 1/Beetle Wiring

Even some of the most enthusiastic VW DIY'ers are nervous when it comes to wiring up their beetle. Volume 9 provides a well paced step-by-step demonstration that will enable you to take the bull by the horns and wire up your car!

The DVD starts by installing a complete wiring harness into a 1963 beetle. This is followed by identifying differences in VW wiring systems as they progress over the years, including the Super Beetle. Each relevant modification from 1963 to 1979 is covered so you will be able to find the right information you need for your car. As some components are now obsolete this volume demonstrates how to make appropriate modifications to compensate.

There is a vast amount of information in this volume that you will not find anywhere else. After watching this DVD you will know where each and every wire and connection goes. Note that fuel injection systems will be covered in a separate dedicated volume and so are not discussed on this DVD.

Excerpt from Volume 9
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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