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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 8:
Type 4 Engine Rebuild

If you have a Type IV engine and are thinking about doing any kind of work on it you just have to check out this DVD! Jake Raby, one of the world's foremost Type IV authorities, takes us into the famous "Raby's Aircooled Technology" shop for this volume. This was such an event that when VW Trends magazine heard that Bug Me Video was working with Jake to shoot a video they turned up too just to take notes and photos for future how-to features!

This DVD covers everything there is to know about tearing down, inspecting, and rebuilding a Type IV engine in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. You are guided through the complete teardown, where Jake points out the location of those hard to find nuts and screws. Jake makes the job easy by putting each procedure in sequence. During the reassembly the many differences between the Type IV and Type I engines are identified and your attention is drawn to details that could otherwise be overlooked. Emphasis is given to the need for cleanliness and proper torque settings for all parts.

This DVD removes the mystery from the Type IV so that you will have the knowledge and confidence required to undertake a complete rebuild of your 1972 or later air-cooled bus or 914 Porsche motor.

Excerpt from Volume 8
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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