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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 7:
Type 1/Beetle Heater Channel Replacement

This DVD is the second in the series to deal with bodywork and starts off where Volume 6, Beetle Floor Pan Repair & Replacement, left off. It begins by showing you what a heater channel looks like and the different types available. You are shown exactly how the channel is attached to the vehicle and are taken through the drilling and cutting needed to loosen it from the body. A range of tools that can be used for the job are demonstrated and discussed.

As in Volume 6, the repair is demonstrated with the body off as well as on the chassis. Note that for the body off approach you should be familiar with how to remove the body from the chassis; this was covered in Volume 6. As with every DVD in the series, differences between VW models are shown. In particular, the extra strengthening gussets and panels found on VW convertibles are discussed and you are shown exactly how they should be dealt with. Instruction is provided to repair a badly rusted door post (the A pillar) which is often found to be rusted along with a rusted heater channel.

Excerpt from Volume 7
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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