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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 2:
Pull Motor & Clutch Service

This volume shows how to remove the engine from the vehicle, service the clutch, and reinstall the engine. Methodical guidance is provided at every stage and the DVD details the differences and variations you might come across which will enable you to work on your VW and get the job done right.

The DVD starts by elevating the car and securing it onto axle stands. You may be surprised to see how little there is to removing an engine as each nut and bolt required to separate the engine from the vehicle is identified. With the engine removed we see several different ways to remove the flywheel and clutch assembly. There are a few different ways that the flywheel and clutch wear and you are shown how to assess which parts need replacing.

Older VWs ran on 6 volts and people tend to want to modify them to 12 volts. All the changes needed to allow for this modification are covered in depth. When replacing a clutch it is recommended that the clutch release bearing is replaced at the same time. This is covered thoroughly as well as how to replace the arm that controls it along with the clutch cable.

The gear box rests on transmission mounts on beetles and when these wear they can cause clutch and shifting problems. This volume covers how to replace these inexpensive mounts while the engine is out. The DVD ends with the engine being reinstalled into the vehicle.

Excerpt from Volume 2
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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