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"Bug Me Video" Presents Volume 1:
General Maintenance

If you're just beginning to get to grips with your VW and want to learn to do the basic servicing yourself, then this is the must have volume. It clearly covers in detail all the normal servicing requirements for your air-cooled engine providing a number of troubleshooting and timesaving tips as well.

The DVD starts off with the most important thing your VW needs: changing the oil. This is followed by a basic tune up, consisting of: checking & replacing the spark plugs, replacing the contact points and condenser, setting the timing and adjusting the valves & carburettor. How to carry out a compression test is covered next, seeing how it can provide clues about the health of your engine. This sounds like a lot for a beginner, but you will see just how straightforward it really is!

As the fan belt drives the cooling system of the air-cooled engine it is something that everyone should know how to replace and adjust. Fortunately this is one of the easiest jobs you can do on a VW and it is covered fully here. The volume ends showing how to adjust the clutch and brakes.

Excerpt from Volume 1
Note that video and audio quality is far superior on actual DVD
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